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DrayTek, established in 1997 by a group of talented engineers is now the world-leading supplier of state-of-the-art networking solutions. 

DrayTek had migrated from the leading provider of remote access solutions to the customized networking solutions for diverse local markets around the world. At present, DrayTek's solutions ranging from enterprise-level firewalls, mission-critical VPN/VoIP facilities forSoHo, various xDSL/broadband CPE, to prospective telecommunication products and TR-069 central management solutions (e.g. VigorACS SI) can meet the market trend and go above and beyond customers' expectations.

Silicon21 has started a Direct Business Relationship with DrayTek as an Authorized Distributor in 2012.


Product Manager:
Name: Waleed Gayhoum
Title: Silicon21-NITServices General Manager
GSM: +20-12-22452945
Tel: +20-2-24050011 EXT: 117

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