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Silicon21-CRM is an Egyptian shareholding company, a member company of Silicon21 Group, and is a distributer of consumer electronic products and End-to-End networking solutions. Silicon21-CRM started its business activity mid 2006, with 30 employees onboard currently.

Silicon21-CRM currently do business with around 500 clients, and having a market share of around 10% of the electronic consumer, and end-to-end networking solutions market.

Silicon21-CRM provides B2B and B2C business models in the Egyptian market segmented as follows:

1.    Retail and Mass Market Sector (B2C)– for the consumer electronic products (CANON)

2.    Oil and gas sector, Banking sector, Industry sector, and Governmental sector (B2B) – for the end-to-end networking solutions products (D-LINK & HUAWEI).

Silicon21-CRM target, in 5-years plan, is to increase our market share to 30% and number of clients to 1000+.

General Contacts:
Address: PO Box 11371, 4 Nasr Ahmed Zaki St, off Abbass AlAkkad St, 1st District, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
Tel: +202 24045179/89 Hot Line: 19735
Fax: +202 24045167

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